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Sub Zero/Wolf
What do you want your kitchen to be? Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers and wine storage units are the definitive kitchen components. Made by hand. Tested to the nth degree. With innovative dual refrigeration.

  • Sub-Zero BI-48S Side-by-Side
  • 424FSG/S - Classic Stainless, Wine Cooler
  • UC-15I Ice Maker
  • 700BR Refrigerator Drawers
  • 30" Single Oven - L Series Oven
  • Wolf 48" Gas Range
  • Wolf 30" Induction Cooktop
  • Wolf Microwave
  • Wolf Stove Hood

Products use less energy per month than a 100-watt light bulb. Sub-Zero supports organic farms, uses renewable energy, recycles extensively, sources environmentally friendly materials and supplies. 75% of stainless steel is from recycled material, as is 50% of refrigerator plastic.

Can be found in: Kitchen

John Bergquist
The Westye Group
F: 407-455-3417

Kohler is a renowned leader in each of its four business groups: Kitchen & Bath Group, Interiors Group, Global Power Group, Hospitality & Real Estate Group

  • Bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, etc.

Water conservation is a key objective at Kohler Co. In addition to producing many water-conserving kitchen and bath products. Kohler Co. believes in recycling and reusing whenever possible, as well. Our Faucet Production facilities have reclaimed tons of nickel and chrome previously disposed of as waste. Meanwhile, our foundry melts about 200,000 tons of recycled and recaptured metal each year. KOHLER¨ Cast Iron products are manufactured from 93 percent recycled and reclaimed material, and nearly all brass used to manufacture faucets is recycled and reclaimed material.

Water Sense products: toilets use at least 20% less water than standard 1.6-gallon toilets. Meetings strict flushing performance guidelines establish by the EPA Water Sense program.

Can be found in: Each bathroom in villa

Debbie Richter
Senior Project Coordinator-PR
P: 920-457-4441 x77015
F: 920-459-1889

Life Fitness
Reducing Airborne pollutants: Our initiative to nearly eliminate painting plastic components helps lower the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds released into the air during the painting process. We also reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating shipping to and from the painter. Scrap metal recycling: We recycle as much as possible of the scrap metal in our Franklin Park, Ill., Ramsey, Minn., and Falmouth, Ky., manufacturing facilities. Recycled corrugated: Roughly 374,000 pounds of cardboard boxes are recycled from our manufacturing facilities each year reducing the wood fiber from trees needed to manufacture new paper and packaging products. We also recycle cardboard packaging from our customers’ installations.

Julie Kessler

Electric Mirror
Electric Mirror¨ is the Leader in Back-Lit Mirrors and Mirror TV Technologyª, serving the hospitality industry for over a decade. Electric Mirrors.

Uses energy efficient, low-mercury fluorescent lamps as a standard in all of their Back-Lit Mirror and Back- Lit Mirror TVs.

  • Lamps require a fraction of the energy required by standard incandescent
  • Long 20,000-hour lamp life
  • Low- mercury rating reduces risk and/or impact of environmental contamination once the lamps are discarded
  • Electric Mirror is the exclusive company to offer Extended- Life, 50,000- Hour fluorescents for use in Back-Lit Mirrors and Back-Lit Mirror TVs.
  • Service life 2 _ times longer than a standard 20,000-hour fluorescent lamp
  • Lamp life of approximately 10 years
  • Reduces waste and environmental impact
  • Cuts maintenance costs and allows for group replacement scheduling

Can be found in: Marble Room, Back-Lit Framed Mirror (Reflection), Presidential Suite-Back-Lit Mirror TV- Framed, Spa Room Back-Lit Mirror TV- Impression

Mark Stephenson
Director of Technical Application
Electric Mirror LLC
T 425 776-4946
F 425 491-6200

Gloster furniture is selected by the most demanding customers who insist on the best and so, we believe that we have to be the very best in all that we do - starting with the manufacturing.
Gloster has its own factory near Surabaya in Java, Indonesia which Our factory is located close to the teak plantations, and currently employs over 1,000 people.

In addition to teak, Gloster is expert in the use of a variety of materials for the manufacture of our furniture.
Only premium plantation grown teak is used for Gloster furniture. While teak trees are not indigenous to Indonesia, climatic conditions on Java are ideal for growing this species of tree. Teak was originally introduced to the islands by Buddhist monks, some 700 years ago. When the Dutch colonised Indonesia in the 19th Century, they soon realized the opportunity to establish large plantations and introduced the sustainable plantation management systems that are still in use today.

Can be found in: Outdoor Furniture

David Meeks - National Contract Sales Manager
434-575-1003 ext 110

MDC Wallcoverings
Angela Adams/ Paint/ Tabrasa

  • Angela Adams: Wallcoverings are breathable, with ratings exceeding 100 perms (meaning that its water vapor diffusion rating is high), non-PVC (meaning it does not contain vinyl chloride, a known human carcinogen), 100% post-consumer recyclable, Greenguard-certified for low VOC emissions (VOC pollutants diminish air quality and have been proven detrimental to health).
  • Paint: non-toxic, ultra low odor, non VOCs
  • Tabrasa: Tabrasa is the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market because of raw material utilization, energy and fossil fuel use and air quality impact. Its production is low-energy; its shipping requires less material and fossil fuel than the standard; the paint is formaldehyde-free, and produces no off-gasses.
  • LiquaPearl: This paint is low VOC and low odor. It is compliant with Green Seal GS-11 and LEED criteria for nonflat paints.

Can be found in: Presidential Suite (Angela Adams, Casco, Dandelion) Marble Room Board Room

Sharon Rothschild
Account Executive
MDC Wallcovering
800-621-4006 x 7473

Panasonic WhisperCeiling Bathroom Fan FV-05VQ3
WhisperGreen fans are green because the Green concept is a combination of energy efficiency, sustainability, improved interior environment (IAQ), and ultimately operating cost.
Products are LEED and Energy Star rated, also use ASHRAE Standard 62.2: LEED for Homes, the ENERGY STAR¨ Homes Indoor Air Package, the National Association of Home Builders Green Buildings Standard, and the 2008 California Title 24 all use ASHRAE Standard 62.2 for the ventilation requirements. While 62.2 allows exhaust, supply, or balanced ventilation, the simplest solution is a continuous low flow (30-100 cfm) and quiet (max 1.0 sone) exhaust fan. Panasonic created the WhisperGreen fans and the WhisperComfort ERV specifically to meet 62.2. The WhisperGreen (WG) fans are the least expensive, most energy efficient, simplest to implement, and quietest way to meet ASHRAE 62.2.

Can be found in: Spa, Presidential Suite, marble room, spa suite.

Lutron is still devoted to controlling lighting. Lutron products adjust the intensity of virtually every kind of light, and we remain to this day the only company that provides an integrated solution for controlling both natural daylight as well as electrical lighting.

  • Ivalo Lighting
  • Silvus24 and Silvus30 interior (Blue)

A single Lutron residential dimmer saves an average of $7.36 per year. Lutron solutions contribute LEED points in the areas of sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation in Design.

Ivalo uses energy effiicent LED lights

Can be found in: Spa, blue lights along walls

Joseph R. Parks
Lutron Electronics Co, Inc.
Commercial Sales-Philadelphia Spec.
Mobile: 484-224-6364
EXT. 4621

Greg Pappas
National Sales Manager
Ivalo Lighting

Philips Color Kenetics
Philips Color Kinetics operates in three principal lines of business: 1. Lighting Systems, including lighting devices, digital controllers and software for use in high-performance lighting projects; 2. OEM, including a standard line of lighting modules that can be readily incorporated by other manufacturers; 3. Licensing, whereby the company actively enables access to its wide-ranging intellectual property portfolio and investment in R&D.

  • LED Lighting System (used to light the glass chandelier)

Ivalo uses energy effiicent LED lights

Can be found in: Great Room in chandelier

Sean Wynne
Philips Color Kinetics
617.335.1859 (mobile)

Temp-Air International, Inc.
TEMP-AIR, Inc. has been a leading provider of temporary heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and air filtration services. TEMP-AIR can offer a solution for every application, whether it is industrial, commercial, institutional, construction, planned, or emergency.

TEMP-AIR offers personalized, customized solutions to control your environment. Over 40 years of experience allows us to size and layout your project for maximum effectiveness. Part of our service to you includes accurate estimating of energy consumption which, combined with labor, is the largest cost for any temporary air management project. Through innovative engineering, TEMP-AIR is committed to providing our customers with the lowest overall cost for their projects.

  • AC Units

Member of the USGBC; Its green initiatives include implementing an indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan during the construction and pre-occupancy phases of the building that reduces indoor air quality problems and minimizes health issues for construction workers and future building occupants.

Can be found in: Entire villa is fully air conditioning installed and managed by Tempaire.

Joseph Kelly
Tempaire International, Inc.
Cell: 340-998-2486
P: 340-774-4620

Lennox Air Conditioners
ENERGY STAR air conditioner can save you up to 60% on your cooling bills.
Cleaner global environment - Choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified product not only makes sense economically, it also makes sense from an environmental standpoint. According to the EPA2, if just one in ten households installed ENERGY STAR heating and cooling products, the change would keep more than 17 billion pounds of pollution out of the air.
Up to SEER 21

Can be found in: Throughout villa

Joseph Kelly
Cell: 340-998-2486
P: 340-774-4620
P: 340-774-4041

Modern Masters
Modern Masters Inc. is the leader in the Decorative Painting, Faux Finishing and Theme/Entertainment markets. By offering new and innovative products, we are recognized as the number 1 supplier of high-end decorative and specialty water base paint products in the world.

Our brands include Metallic Paint Collection -water base, non-tarnishing metallic paints, Metal Effects - metallic paints and oxidation/patina system, Paint interior/exterior, low-VOC, color retentive theming paints, Decorative Painter's. Products: water base glazes, crackles, varnishes and specialty brushes and Texture Effects - a multi-purpose, tintable, self sealing texturing medium.

  • Metallic Paint Collection
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Decorative Paint Products

Wall finishing products are eco-friendly; waterbased, low- or no-VOC, etc

Can be found in: Presidential Suite, Powder Room (Upstairs), Powder Room (Downstairs), Spa Room & Bathroom, Downstairs Hallway

Kelly S. King
Director of Education and Product Development
Modern Masters Inc. and Kelly S. King Academy
P: 402.598.8307

Feeney - Railings,Wire Cable & Glass
All or our architectural products are made from stainless steel and/or aluminum which are among the most recycled materials. Most of our products contain pre-consumer reclaimed content (LEED points), and, upon disposal, the materials can be recycled at metal reclamation sites. Examples of Feeney products containing reclaimed content: DesignRail & CableTrellis aluminum extrusions 25% content; CableRail & CableTrellis stainless steel cables 70% content; CableRail & CableTrellis stainless steel cable fittings manufactured at Oakland plant 94% content; StaLok stainless steel rods machined at Oakland plant 94% content;

Can be found in: Presidential Suite: wire cable railing, Outdoor Pool Area: glass railing

Rizza Barrera
Sales - Aluminum Railing
Feeney, Inc.

Hewlett Packard - HP TouchSmart Series
Specific to the product-- a touch screen energy efficient computer; Energy Star qualified, and comes in new packaging that reduces plastic foam cushioning material waste.

Can be found in: Guest computer area, upstairs

Additionally, the company's flair for contemporary design continually promotes the use of emerging lamp technologies, such as LED, halogen and compact fluorescent. Its LED lights are extremely energy efficient, and have a super long lamp life, reducing waste long term.

  • Mini recessed lighting

Can be found in: Throughout villa

Noble Company
The Noble Company produces extruded sheet membranes for the tile and plumbing industries for applications that include sound isolation, waterproofing and crack isolation.

  • Sheet Membrane
  • NobleSealant
  • NobleBond

The Noble Company is a member of the USGBC, and has products that contribute to LEED points for commercial and residential products.

Sheet membranes: contain an average of 11% post-industrial scrap. The scrap that is not used during the manufacturing process is utilized by NobleÕs marketing department as promotional product samples. Low odor and zero VOC's.

Can be found in: Soaking Tub- Spa , Bathroom Fixtures, sealant

Richard Maurer
Noble Company
P: 231 799 8000 Ext.116
P: 800 878 5788

Tuscan Impressions, LLC
Tuscan works with architects, builders, designers or property owners to make the best project choices for all construction, including historic renovation.

  • American Clay

Tuscan Impressions- Member of the USGBC: These imported and domestic artistic plaster finishes are sustainable building materials. They are mold resistant, have no VOCs, and help regulate humidity. This company makes quality products whose durability and lasting power removes the need for continual repairs typical of more artificial products. The company is dedicated to recycling and reusing content, maintaining low-energy production to reduce energy consumption, and uses local resources to reduce shipment fuel. The company is reviving the use of one of the oldest wall materials, and its production requires much less energy than that other plasters and acrylics, and indeed has the lowest carbon footprint of any artificial wall finisher. Additionally, the product is non-allergenic, dust-resistant, and contains no VOCs

Can be found in: Massage Room, Upstairs Powder Room

Eve Gray
P: 678.523.3647

Toll Free 1-866-404-1634
FAX 505-244-9332

Belle Meade
Robert Kuster has been blowing glass for over 14 years. He lives and works in central New Jersey.

  • Chandelier in the kitchen

Made in an energy efficient manner, using recycled restaurant grease. Such processes saves on energy expenditure and also helps perpetuate the trend of using waste as energy.

Can be found in: Great Room

Sheila Kuster
Belle Meade Hot Glass
C: 908-229-6933

3E Technology
3E Technologies, Inc. is a recognized management consulting firm specializing in Laundries for Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Hospitals, Institutions, and Commercial facilities. The company has developed cost saving programs and equipment in water and energy conservation and ozone water washing. It provides specifications based on the clientÕs needs for the most efficient setup and most value.

  • Washer & Dryer

Founder Jim Gross (we have his info in a PP somewhere...) created "the most efficient ozone system at the lowest possible cost." LaundrOzone has become a "worldwide leader in hospitality laundries and disinfection for healthcare technologies." LaundrOzone is sold by assorted dealers worldwide.

LaundrOzone is an ozone generation system consisting of a mini-compresser, an oxygran concentrator, and a corona discharge ozone generator. It connected to the washer, and directly injects ozone gas to the washer, which oxidize and disinfect the water and the clothing. Since the ozone acts as the cleaner, less chemicals are needed, saving on costs and the environmental damage caused by their production and use. The system also uses cold water to wash clothing, reducing natural gas used by 95-100%, and water used to wash by up to 35%. Finally, this system cuts dyer time by 50-60%, also saving energy.

Can be found in: Laundry Room

Jim Gross
P: (866) 360-0303

We have a very simple mission: to help the world sleep better. And it's so much more than just a hollow philosophy or something we hang on the walls. This mission literally drives everything we do. It's for this reason that we spend more on research and development than any other mattress brand in the world.

  • Mattresses in every room
  • Convertible Collection Plush King
  • Firm Pillow King
  • Latex Pillow King
  • Memory Foam Pillow King

Convertible Collection Mattresses: 100% of the steel in Sealy sleep sets come from recycled steel. The patented design on innerspring units allow units to be compressed instead of baled, so that more units fit in a truckload, leading to fewer truckloads, greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Sealy's foam supplier recycles 100% of its polyurethane scrap for use in the production of other consumer products.

Can be found in: Each bedroom

Joe Miller
Sealy Global Hospitality Director

Supa Doors
Elegance, craftsmanship and depend-ability are why Supa Doors leads the way in supplying quality MDF doors to prestigious developments and homes throughout the United States. Supa Doors are the most tried and tested MDF doors used in upscale projects. Thousands of our doors, from Florida to Las Vegas and from New York to Dallas, and in various countries around the world, serve as daily examples to our superior quality and durability.

  • Doors (for bedroom and closets downstairs)

All doors are made high quality double refined homogonous materials that are at least 86% recycled. Suppliers of materials are also dedicated to green manufacturing. All doors are made in the United States, saving on transport emissions; uses double-refined homogeneous MDF (Medium Density FiberboardÑmade by combining wood fibers and adhesive); qualifies as an Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP); made from material that has been harvested from forests that meet stringent environmental, social, and economic standards (an FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved supplier; contains less than .21 parts per million (PPM) of formaldehyde conforming with the voluntary standard of formaldehyde emissions NPA 9-87; and all doors are primed with a non-hazardous water based primer. Additionally, salvaged MDF end cuts are reused by a local fencing manufacturer to bundle and ship their product; and the sawdust is packaged at used at local farms as bedding in chicken coops.

Can be found in: Doors used Marble Room, Spa Room, Presidential Suite, Massage Room, Innkeepers Room

Ian Fisher
Supa Doors, Inc.
Phone: 210.698.8500
Fax: 210.698.8507

AQUS Grey Water Systems
AQUS Grey Water Systems: collects water from bathroom sinks and reuses it for toilet flushing. The drainage water is routed through a sanitizing and filtration system, and then collects in a storage reservoir under the sink; upon flushing, the water is pumped to the flush tank. This system promotes water conservation and energy efficiency, and supports LEED Construction. Additionally, it is expected to save between 9 and 14 gallons of fresh water a day for two-person bathrooms.

Can be found in: Located in Villa

WaterSaver Technologies LLC
120 Webster Street, Suite 322
Louisville, KY 40206
PH: 502 741 1859 (Tom Reynolds, President/CEO)
PH: 502 550 1506 (Mark Sanders, Inventor)
FAX: 502 582 1211

Elmwood - Kitchen Cabinets
The company is part of the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association's) Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP), designed to recognize cabinet makers who practice reducing pollution and waste while promoting resource sustainability. This designation represents the Industry Standard for practicing environmental responsibility. Company utilizes an active recycling program, and supports suppliers who use environmentally progressive methods of growing.

Can be found in: Kitchen

Frank Wein
905-688-5205 ext. 229
905-651-2741 cell

Susan Jablon
Susan Jablon Mosaics, home of the world's most beautiful and unique Glass Mosaic Tile, Stainless Steel Tile, River Stone, Mirror Mosaic Glass, and 100% Certified Recycled Glass. These surfaces are excellent for Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Trim, Backsplashes, Countertops, Fireplaces and Window Treatments for your Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Hall, or any room in the house.

  • Tiles

Susan Jablon Mosaics proudly offers the certified, sustainable product ORGANIKS, a 100% Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile. ORGANiKS is available in nearly 100 color choices, to be used as a solid color, or made into blends and patterns using the patented SJM Tile Designer tool. ORGANiKS is made entirely from pre and post consumer material.

Can be found in: Spa

Susan Jablon Mosaic
P: (607) 349-0553
F: 607-748-2303

Perceiving an unmet need for flexible solutions to large architectural openings, the founders of Nana Wall Systems delivered their first wood-framed, opening glass wall in 1986. Three years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was incorporated, with the mission of finding, creating, and delivering an ever-broadening array of flexible design solutions. In 1996, Nana Wall Systems entered into partnership with Solarlux of Germany, the world leader in operable glass wall technology. Today, with manufacturer's representatives throughout the continent, Nana Wall Systems is the dominant provider of opening glass walls in North America.

  • Glazed Folding System

This company boasts NFRC/EnergyStar certified systems with Solar Heat Gain Coefficients; uses recyclable aluminum frames with 50% recycled content with eco friendly powder coated finishes, and wood frames with eco-friendly water based pretreatment.

Can be found in: Presidential Suite Bathroom

Jenna Majid
707 Redwood Hwy
Mill Valley, CA 94941
800-873-5673 ext 216

Spectis Moulders Inc.
Spectis Moulders manufactures high quality polyurethane architectural products for the building and construction industry. We build moldings, balusters, railings, blocks, gingerbreads, columns, sunbursts, keystones, arches, louvers, medallions, niches and more.

  • Niches and massage suite

Niches: 100% of the scrap material from the manufacturing process is repurposed or recycled and returned to the local supplier. These products are made from XPS (extruded polystyrene) and contain up to 40% post-industrial recycled content. They are not considered VOC emitters in the LEED certification process.

Can be found in: Presidential Suite Bathroom

Crypton is a specially engineered fabric system with an integrated moisture barrier that promises - and delivers, permanent performance. No stains. No spills. No surprises.

  • Outdoor Furniture Fabric

The Difference is in the Fiber. Crypton began using advanced C6 chemistry and Silver Ion microbial protection with the introduction of Crypton Green. Our company is now committed to creating all formulations with the greenest possible options including that deliver the performance you count on. So, now when you see Crypton Green, the difference is that the fabricÕs content is one of the following options: 50-100% recycled fiber, Heavy-metal-free polyester, Wool with heavy-metal-free dyes, Polypropylene 1. Crypton Green production is powered by renewable energy (via renewable energy credits) and is carbon-neutral (with verifiable emission reductions) 2. Crypton Green consists of select fiber types.

Can be found in: Outdoor cushions

David Meeks - National Contract Sales Manager
434-575-1003 ext 110

Ceilume recognizes that preserving natural resources by minimizing adverse environmental impacts is vital, and we are committed to providing all of our customers with high quality, environmentally friendly products. Because Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles are 100% locally recyclable, when you are disposing of old tiles no special landfill or recycling fees are required. You can also achieve LEED credits by including ceiling tile recycling in your Construction Waste Management Plan.

  • Rattan Ceiling Tile
  • Continental Ceiling Tile

Ceilume is the first ceiling tile ever to meet the stringent GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's (GEI) indoor air quality standards for low emitting materials. Our ceiling tiles were tested for all individual volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) including formaldehyde, respirable particles, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions in a controlled and representative indoor environment that allows the product to produce the emissions in a realistic manner similar to the way the product would emit in a home or office.

Can be found in: Boardroom, Gym

Ed Davis
707-823-1190 X 102

Founded in April 2006, Granicrete International has rapidly grown to become the nation's largest decorative concrete network. With over 60 independent wholesale distributors with training centers along with thousands of independent installers, our goal to provide the consumer with "Affordably Elegant Surfaces" is definitely being achieved.

* Grout & Paint

Avoids use of local landfills by resurfacing instead of replacing, making it eco friendly and budget friendly.

Clint Badger
602.438.9464 ext. 201

Minerva Finishes
Minerva Finishes provides an amazing range of architectural plasters and finishes that reflect today's lifestyles and tastes combined with old-fashioned service and attention to detail expertise that exceed your expectations. We know how to make walls, ceilings, doors, trim look great. Our craftspeople are certified in each method of application, so you'll enjoy the look and feel of these finishes and fine plasters for many years to come. Our references speak for themselves since 1980 we've made thousands of homes, office ,resorts, malls, stores and offices more beautiful! Can we help make your dreams come true today?

Doug Minerva has created easy to apply green plasters that are free from synthetic ingredients. The plasters are breathable systems that are also hydrophilic.

Doug Minerva

Our main priority as a manufacturer is to create environmentally friendly products, unparalleled in durability, and aesthetic appeal. It is humbling to see our love and passion for the industry come to fruition as our distributors and their installers experience remarkable success.

We are determined to provide environmentally responsible products to the decorative and faux finishing industry. Unfortunately, many manufacturers claim to be low VOC or environmentally friendly, yet when examined closer, they are far from it. The Aurastoneª system on the other hand is a truly low VOC (volatile organic compounds) product line. In addition, we use a variety of recycled materials as aggregates to create an unlimited number of finishes.

Can be found in: Throughout entire villa

David Rairick

Sherwin Williams
Sherwin-Williams has been in business since 1866. The Company's core business is the manufacture, distribution and sale of coatings and related products. Sherwin-Williams has annually increased dividends since 1979.

  • Loxon XP Waterproofing System
  • Roller Cover
  • Drop Cloth
  • Harmony Color
  • Plastic Film - Polyethylene Film
  • Bucket Grid
  • Roller Frame
  • Rhorobond Polyvinyl
  • Carperners Wood Filler
  • Caulk
  • Spackling

Our products that carry the GreenSure¨ designation offer maximum performance, long-term durability and were designed and manufactured taking steps to reduce environmental impact and to meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements. 1. We use sustainable raw materials, like soy and sunflower oil in our paints. 2 .We've reduced the amount of solvent in our formulations, so our green products are more environmentally friendly. 3. New techniques in our manufacturing processes have helped produce less waste and we've implemented energy efficient methods in our plants. 4. We've streamlined national distribution processes, helping to conserve fuel, energy and other natural resources. 5. We've formulated many of our coatings to clean easily and to resist mold or mildew growth on the paint film thus helping to improve the indoor and outdoor environments.

Can be found in: Throughout villa

Ted Kreuzer

Bauer International
Bauer International Inc. has established an unparalleled reputation as one of the finest providers of hand crafted furnishings, accessories and fixtures to the hospitality industry, golf and country clubs, retailers, designers and specialty events.

Elizabeth Mangione

Bullfrog Spas
Bullfrog Spas are earth-friendly in every way. Each hot tub is built using systems, materials and technologies that are energy efficient and safe for the environment.

  • 100% Wood-Free - EnduraFrame™ spa structure and spa base are made from ABS molded composite material instead of non-renewable wood or metal.
  • Recycled Materials - Made from 25% recycled ABS plastic materials. Any excess ABS produced during manufacturing is recycled and reused. No hazardous pollutants are released during production. The spa shell backing material is not fiberglass and is VOC-free.
  • Energy Efficient - Data compiled by the California Energy Commission (CEC) shows Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs in their class. Insulation and heat recycling mean exception energy efficiency that exceed the energy appliance standards of the CEC.

Jerry Pasley, CEO
Bullfrog Spas
P: 801-565-8111, Ext 535
F: 801-565-8333

Big Ass Fans
Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered fans on the planet. And they aren’t just for the warmer months—they can save you money and keep you comfortable year round.

Miguel Andrade Pérez
, International Sales Coordinator

Big Ass Solutions
P: +1 (859) 629-7659

Bespoke Luxury

Turn cooking and dinner into an interactive experience - a true feast for all of the senses.

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Find out what we do at Eco Serendib related to CSR, sustainability and conservation.

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