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Villa - Luxury Redefined

Unsurpassed Luxury And Service Are The Credo Of Eco Serendib

It is our goal to provide our guests with more than a vacation or a retreat. We want to indulge our guests in an experience. Something memorable. Something they will tell their friends about. Something more than they expect.

We create an experience by giving our guests choices – personalized choices…

Do you prefer the fluffy, coziness of a plush, 100% cotton robe from famed Italian linen maker, Frette? Or maybe you enjoy the breezy comfort of a lighter, spa style Monarch robe. Both styles are available for your lounging comfort, simply let us know your preference!

Soap & Amenity Butler

Any five-star hotel will offer you top-of-the-line bath products and amenities, but the Eco Serendib Soap Butler experience takes it a step farther. We offer you three lines of luxurious products – one is guaranteed to be perfect for you!

Do you prefer the timeless sophistication of Clarins products?

The trendy yet classy light fragrance from French designer Theirry Mugler?

The choice is yours!

Sleep Butler Experience

Nothing compares to a great night of sleep complemented by a gentle sea breeze. Just call on Eco Serendib’s Sleep Butler –you’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated!

We are committed to providing you with the luxuries which are essential for an exceptional sleep experience. To deliver on that commitment, here are some of our offerings:

  • Ultra-luxurious, 500/600 thread count sheets
  • Signature mattresses from Sealy – exclusive to Eco Serendib
  • Choice of pillows to suit your comfort
  • Aromatherapy products to promote relaxation, sound sleep, serenity and more
  • Sleep masks, light fragrances, pillow mists, relaxation oils
  • Your choice of soothing sounds to complement your sleep

Bespoke Luxury

Turn cooking and dinner into an interactive experience - a true feast for all of the senses.

Green Commitment

Find out what we do at Eco Serendib related to CSR, sustainability and conservation.

Island History

St. John is an island like no other, with culture, charisma and the most wonderful beaches in the world.

Services & Amenities

Eco Serendib offers a wide-range of services and amenities - find out more.