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Our Green Effort - Beach Restoration Project

Eco Serendib Villa and Spa initiated a conservation program in February 2012 in partnership with the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park to save the island’s beaches from the devastating impact of erosion while reducing the carbon footprint. To date, the villa has contributed more than $20,000 to the effort. The Eco Serendib Beach Restoration Project introduces indigenous trees, such as sea grape, at beaches throughout the island and is funded by the retreat. In addition to providing seed money to kick start the program, the Restoration Project will sponsor one tree per day of each reservation in the name of guests.

According to Mark Hardgrove, superintendent of Virgin Islands National Park, over time the effects of beach erosion can be catastrophic and several beaches need immediate attention. The indigenous plantings will offer protection, combat carbon emissions and offer much-needed shade for visitors. Maho Bay Beach is the first beach to benefit from the Eco Serendib Beach Restoration Project, with future work planned at Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, Hawksnest and Little Lameshur.

Villa guests have the opportunity to become involved hands-on with the project through assisting with planting, cultivating and irrigation as well as tours and demonstrations. They may also contribute directly to the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park fund.

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